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So yummy! Great prices and so easy to order on their online site. Fast delivery and friendly staff every time.


Amazing pizza! Staff treated me well and had everything ready to go fast. Very clean restaurant and friendly people.


Killer pizza loaded with fresh ingredients. Lovely, friendly staff from order to delivery. They're our "go-to". Never disappointed!


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It’s the secret for being called the “best pizza in Guyton”. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced and selected for delicious taste, healthy farming practices, and freshness. Because we believe that you deserve the best.


6398 Savannah Highway, Suite D, Ravenel, SC 29470


After a few years of being established, Stoner’s Pizza Joint has been humbly referred to as one of the best pizza restaurants in RAVENEL, SC with famously delicious food perfect for customers of all ages and for all occasions. Aside from the many great things that have been said about us, our diverse menu options, friendly staff, and appropriate location have made us into a popular dining spot for all – locals and tourists, alike. You will never fail to find us, Stoner’s Pizza Joint, on the list of the best restaurants in the city as well as an awesome pizza delivery Savannah, Georgia.

Our well-known pizza is homemade with fresh and carefully picked ingredients in the hands of masters using our own special recipes and techniques to give it the taste Stoner’s Pizza Joint is known for. Aside from our oven-baked pizza, we also offer a plethora of other desirable dishes that have been known to be delicious in their own right. With our own homemade recipes, we’ve made a perfect balance between an authentic yet unique pizza RAVENEL, SC experience, so you can always count on us to deliver you a perfectly made pizza. But out great food is not the only reason we’re known to be the best in town, but also because of our various diets options that are sure to be welcoming to our customers with more special diets. We offer gluten-free meals and other healthy options, such as vegetarian meals! It’s perfect for health nuts and people with gluten allergies who just want to enjoy a good slice of pie. No wonder it’s called “The best pizza Savannah, Georgia”!

When you dine at Stoner’s Pizza Joint, your experience will not disappoint. Be it on a date, a family dinner, a friendly get-together, or even if you’re alone, Stoner’s is guaranteed to show you a fun time. Any day of the week or any time of the time, you will surely enjoy yourself at “the best pizza RAVENEL, SC”! And when you’re done, you’ll leave nothing short of satisfied! Just ask our valued, loyal customers! So if you’re looking for a traditional pizza place, look no further than at the best restaurant Savannah,Georgia because you can never go wrong with us. Why? First off, we’re located a safe, convenient, and easy-to-locate place in the city. Right in the middle of an amazing part of town, our pizza joint is perfect for loyal customers, new comers, locals, and tourists of all ages! With a classic and clean dining space, you’re sure to get a welcoming feel everytime you come visit us. And that’s just one the things that make us the top restaurant RAVENEL, SC.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint aims to provide its customers with an optimal dining experience. In line with that, we offer easy and accessible parking for all our customers. Your comfort is matters to us and we know that your time is valuable. We don’t want you to spend it looking for decent parking. As the top restaurant RAVENEL, SC we only wish for you to spend your precious time enjoying our delicious food and nothing else. So, in addition to serving you great pizza, we give you this: fast and convenient parking, making us the best choice to dine at whether you looking to feast or just enjoy a single slice of pizza. Plus a great perk of fast pizza delivery RAVENEL, SC.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint and its service crew firmly believe that service makes or breaks a restaurant, regardless of how good the food is. But with our well-trained team, you are always guaranteed a “The Best Pizza Delivery RAVENEL, SC” experience. Our staff are trained to make sure you always feel welcomed here. They serve you with a smile on their faces at all times, so you always leave with a smile on yours. They’re fast, friendly, and efficient. We do this to ensure that you know that you are dining in the best restaurant RAVENEL, SC.

But it isn’t all about feeling welcomed. We also want to make sure that our staff is quick and ready to serve you at all times. You’re always guaranteed that when you dine with us, you won’t have to wait too long and that your food always arrives at your table clean and warm and ready to satisfy. Even our deliveries are top-notch. Our delivery personnel are friendly, respectful, and always on time. They care that you get the food you ordered from us as good as when it left our kitchen. It’s the reason why we’re called RAVENEL, SC restaurant. Good food and great service is what makes us great.

We take a humble sense of pride being one of the best restaurant RAVENEL, SC. The fact that put our customers’ dining experience over all else puts us above most. Because our customers are the reason why we do this, why we aspire for this level of quality. This is why people prefer us – calling an amazing Savannah, Georgia restaurant. With only the best and freshest ingredients, unique flavor and that Stoner’s Pizza Joint touch, we’ve become the most popular pizza joint in the city. With a combination of a convenient location, excellent food, and impeccable service, it’s no wonder people call us a top restaurant RAVENEL, SC. And it’s well deserved, trust us. We work tirelessly to ensure that every time you come to visit us here, you receive only the best from us. You will get nothing short of great pizza, good service, and a good time.

We are proud to be part of the community of RAVENEL, SC. And to be one of the best restaurants in the city. This is a town that has lots of offer and we work hard to stand out. We offer you, our customers, only the most decadent delicacies that made us really known as the “top restaurant RAVENEL, SC”. Food that comforts you like no else. It’s simple, but unique in every way. Our dishes are always prepared perfectly because we maintain a consistency in texture, aroma, appearance and of course, taste. It’s the reason why our loyal customers keep coming back and why you should give us a try. We are the most popular pizza joint in the city with top notch customer experience making us the best Savannah, Georgia restaurant. Proudly, we are part of what defines it.

So, come dine at the best pizza RAVENEL, SC where we offer only the best! You can only find it here at Stoner’s Pizza Joint. We’ll always be more than happy to serve you! Visit our website and check out our menus! You’ll always find something you’ll like at Stoner’s Pizza Joint. We can either have it delivered to you or you can have it here with us. Enjoy the best pizza at the best pizza RAVENEL, SC!