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So yummy! Great prices and so easy to order on their online site. Fast delivery and friendly staff every time.


Amazing pizza! Staff treated me well and had everything ready to go fast. Very clean restaurant and friendly people.


Killer pizza loaded with fresh ingredients. Lovely, friendly staff from order to delivery. They're our "go-to". Never disappointed!


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Easy Parking

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It’s the secret for being called the “best pizza in Savannah”. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced and selected for delicious taste, healthy farming practices, and freshness. Because we believe that you deserve the best.


1211 Baytree Rd Valdosta, GA 31602


Founded in 2013, Stoner’s Pizza Joint has become the go-to for pizza in Valdosta Georgia. Featuring amazing food, friendly staff, and a popular community – it has thrived since its founding and is soon to reach 12 locations in the United States. Offering delicious, lightning fast pizza delivery, this location in particular is proud to serve and delight Valdosta Georgia. Locals have called Stoner’s Pizza Joint the best restaurant in Valdosta because of its amazing pizza in Valdosta and quick pizza delivery.

Several restaurants can be called the best restaurant in Valdosta, depending on who you ask, but only a few have as impeccable a reputation as Stoner’s. Valdosta Georgia restaurants are known to be truly excellent and we’re proud to be considered one of the top restaurants in Valdosta Georgia by locals. Some even call us the best restaurant in the area. It all starts with customer experience and what our customers want: whether that’s pizza in Valdosta Georgia or pizza delivery in Valdosta Georgia. Fast, delicious, and affordable pizza delivery in Valdosta Georgia can be difficult to find but our customers tend to call us all three. Our ingredients include fresh produce, fresh pizza dough, and all of the best elements that make great pizza.We believe in giving our customers the best pizza in Valdosta Georgia and that means investing in quality ingredients, delicious components, from local farms, a great location, and awesome staff to carefully create only fresh and authentic stone hearth-baked pies that everyone knows and loves. Plus, we have great options for special diets that’s sure to bring delight while being totally guilt free. Everyone’s raving about our chicken, too!

If you’re looking for the best pizza in Valdosta Georgia, stop by Stoner’s! It’s the top-rated pizza joint that locals call the best restaurant in Valdosta. Aside from the tastiest, most delicious pizzas, we have the famous chicken that people are raving about. There’s even more to our selections that you think. You can make your own pizza and get our house desserts! All you ask for in top restaurants in Valdosta Georgia is here at Stoner’s.

Pizza in Valdosta Georgia can be hard to find, especially with fast delivery, so if you’re looking for the best restaurant in Valdosta, come to Stoner’s! Apart from this location, we are looking to reach 12 locations all over the United States. Yes, that’s us serving more places with the best pizza and fast delivery! Pizzas are not only delicious, but also fresh and made with the freshest ingredients from homegrown farms. Valdosta Georgia restaurants are only few and we are proud to be called the best! That is because we put in the freshest components and the magic only Stoner’s can do. Delicious pizza and fast delivery in Valdosta Georgia that everybody loves! We bring a delighful experience to everyone who enters our doors or drops a line on our phones. That’s why local and visitors call us the best restaurant in Valdosta Georgia.

Stop by Stoner’s Pizza Joint Valdosta Georgia and enjoy delicious pizza, great ambiance and service, and good times with your family and friends!