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So yummy! Great prices and so easy to order on their online site. Fast delivery and friendly staff every time.


Amazing pizza! Staff treated me well and had everything ready to go fast. Very clean restaurant and friendly people.


Killer pizza loaded with fresh ingredients. Lovely, friendly staff from order to delivery. They're our "go-to". Never disappointed!


Delicious Food

Fun Time

Healthy Options

Easy Parking

Speedy Delivery

Friendly Team

Fresh Ingredients


It’s the secret for being called the “best pizza in Savannah”. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced and selected for delicious taste, healthy farming practices, and freshness. Because we believe that you deserve the best.


1100 Eisenhower Dr, Savannah, GA 31406


Since its inception, Stoner’s Pizza Joint has been lovingly called the best pizza Midtown Savannah, Georgia serving the best pizza to people young and old. People have loved us for our many food choices, welcoming staff, and apt location. It’s turned us into a treasured establishment for everyone from loyal customers to newcomers, alike. And because of this, when you ask people where the best place to get pizza is, they’ll turn you to us.

Our beloved pizza is made with fresh ingredients, a tried-and-tested recipe, and well-trained chefs to give it the taste Stoner’s Pizza Joint is well-known for. But we don’t just offer oven-baked pizza, we also serve a number of other notable menu items that our loyal customers have come to love and know us by. With our own homemade recipes, we’ve proud to say that we’ve been known to serve meals that cater to people who are looking for a both traditional and contemporary taste with efficient pizza delivery Midtown Savannah. So if that’s you, know that you can always us to deliver on our promise of perfect pizza. Aside from great food, we’ve also been known to cater to people looking for a meal to accommodates whatever special diet they need. We offer gluten-free meals and other healthy options, such as vegetarian meals! It’s perfect for health nuts and people with gluten allergies who just want to enjoy a good slice of pie. No wonder it’s called The Best Pizza Midtown Savannah!

Dining with is always guaranteed to be a fun experience. No matter who you choose to eat with or for whatever occasion, Stoner’s Pizza Joint is the place for you. Come down anytime and we’ll be sure to show you an experience deserving of the title of “The Top Restaurant Midtown Savannah”! You’ll be satisfied from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave! Ask anybody! You can even check out the great reviews we’ve got online. If it’s a cozy pizza place you’re looking for, look no further than at a top restaurant Midtown Savannah because you can never go wrong with us. Why? For starters, we’re located a safe, convenient, and easy-to-locate place in the city. Located in the best place in the city, our pizza joint attracts everyone – new and old! And for good reason. With a welcoming and cozy ambience, you’ll sure feel at home with us every time you decide to visit. And that’s just one the things that make us the best Midtown Savannah restaurant.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint provides you with a hassle-free experience when dining with us. Part of that is offering easily accessible parking space for you. Your time is valuable and you’re valuable to us. So instead of making you spend your time looking for a decent parking spot, you want you to spend less time on that and more time enjoying our delicious food. As the top Midtown Savannah, Georgia restaurant we make sure that your visit is as pleasant as possible. So, in addition to serving you great pizza, we put your comfort above all else, making us the best choice to dine at whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a long meal with friends and family. That’s why we offer awesome pizza Midtown Savannah.

Stoner’s Pizza Joint believes that no matter how good our food is, it’s nothing if the service is less than desirable. So, with a friendly and welcoming staff, we guarantee a “Best Restaurant Midtown Savannah” experience. Our service crew will always make you feel as welcome as possible when you visit us. They serve you with a smile on their faces at all times, so you always leave with a smile on yours. They’re fast, friendly, and efficient. All so you know that you’re in the best pizza joint in Midtown Savannah.

In addition to making you feel welcomed; our staff make sure that the food your food order arrives at your table as soon as it’s ready. The worst thing possible is eating cold food and our staff work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen. Food is always served warm here. Even our pizza delivery Midtown Savannah is top-notch. Our delivery personnel are friendly, respectful, and always on time. They care that you get the food you ordered from us as good as when it left our kitchen. Just one of the reasons why we’re called “the best pizza delivery Midtown Savannah”. A combination of good food, fast service, and friendly smiles is what makes us great!

It’s an honor to be considered one of the top restaurants Midtown Savannah. We guarantee a great dining experience for our customers every time. Our loyal customers inspire to maintain the level of quality they expect from us. This is why people prefer us – calling us “The Top Restaurant in Midtown Savannah”. With fresh ingredients and a deliciously prepared recipe and that Stoner’s Pizza Joint touch, our pizza is guaranteed to be the best in the city. Because of a good location, great service, and even better food, it’s no wonder people call us the best restaurant Midtown Savannah. Not an overstatement! Our pizza delivers on that promise. When you dine with us, it’s nothing but great fun and good food!

Midtown Savannah, Georgia is a great place to dine at. And to be one of the best restaurants in the city is something we’re proud of. This is a town that has lots of offer, we stand out. With our many menu items, anything and everything you order is what people have come to call the best Midtown Savannah restaurant. From our pizzas to our famous wings, our dishes are always prepared perfectly and consistently. Everything from the taste to the aroma to the presentation will have you satisfied. It’s a menu that’s kept us going and one that’s keeps our customers satisfied enough to always come back. We are the most popular pizza joint in the city with top notch customer experience making us one of the best restaurant Midtown Savannah. Proudly, we are part of what defines it.

So next time you’re in the area, give the best pizza in Midtown Savannah a try. It’s a place where we offer only the best! It’s always a fun time at Stoner’s Pizza Joint. We’ll always be more than happy to serve you! Visit our website and check out our menus! You’ll always find something you’ll like at Stoner’s Pizza Joint. We can either have it delivered to you or you can have it here with us. Enjoy the best pizza at the best pizza delivery Midtown Savannah, Georgia!